About us


“I had my first card game experience with Yu-Gi-Oh, although I never played it competitively. Later on, I discovered Magic: The Gathering, which I enjoyed for more than 10 years so far. But then I attended to a Prerelease event of KeyForge and fell in love with the game, so I decided to become a content creator. My main goals are to make KeyForge even better and grow along with it.”

Blazing Archon ready to forge!

Feel free to contact me at Twitter: @blazing_archon or email me at blazing.archon.keyforge@gmail.com and I will be happy to get back to you.


“I started my path of TCGs with Magic: The Gathering when I was about 13. I completely fell in love with that game. After playing Magic for about 10 years I bumped into KeyForge, an innovative design that hooked me like only Magic had done before. Once I played the Prerelease event, I got so excited that I realized KeyForge was my new favorite card game. I hope to be able to grow along with the game and the blog. Keep forging!”

This is what Draven Markov’s face looks like when he is about to forge

I am on Twitter: @DravenMarkov, be sure to contact me for any KeyForge matters!